Lecture on Landscape Photography by Jim Borden

on Wednesday, 04 October 2017. Posted in All Articles, Meeting Programs

At October 11th Club meeting we will have a presentation by Jim Borden on Landscape Photography. 

About Jim - 

Jim grew up in the small town of Holliday in Northern Tioga County Pennsylvania. His childhood provided a sound basis for developing skills of interacting with wildlife. He learned to be an ethical and
humane hunter, fisherman and sportsman while spending most of our spare time in camp in southern Potter County.


Jim began wildlife and scenic photography in the early 1970’s with a Minolta SRT camera and lenses. He took the cameras on hunts with him and found as much enjoyment photographing wildlife as he did the shooting part of the hunts. His primary subjects were initially elk, deer, foliage and mountain scenery. Jim began to use digital SLR photography in 2006 and shifted to all types of nature photography to include elk, deer, moose, Bald Eagles, birds and scenics. Jim and his wife, Joan, have
pro Nikon equipment and spend their leisure time photographing nature and wildlife. They endeavor to do the photography in a manner to avoid stressing animals or birds.

Photographs can be viewed and purchased at

Contact info:
Jim Borden
1325 Sheldon Hill Rd
Springville PA 18844
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