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Photography in the Arts by Shane on May 10

on Saturday, 06 May 2017. Posted in All Articles, Meeting Programs

Shane McGeehan will be presenting an informative yet strangely entertaining program called  "Photography In The Arts" during the monthly meeting of May 10.  

This lecture will be very laid back and meant mostly to inspire listeners to think outside the box. He will cover historical and contemporary artists who are utilizing the medium of photography in very creative and clever ways. You might find yourself asking: Is photography an art form? Is that even considered photography? Did he really just show us that? During the presentation Shane also plans to show some of his latest works and how he thinks about photography as a medium in the arts.

About - Shane

Shane McGeehan is an artist currently living and working in Waverly, Pennsylvania. He has an MFA from the Ohio State University with a focus in photography, digital art, performance, and installation. Shane is always questioning what photography is, how it can be redefined, and where it fits into the art world today. Although the camera is his main tool, he has been known to utilize a plethora of image capture methods including flatbed scanners, large format film, microscope optics, makeshift lenses, and even a collection of vintage cameras.

You can follow his work through his website