Exploring the Wonders of African Wildlife by Sharon Templin

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Exploring the Wonders of African Wildlife by Sharon Templin

At April 12 Club meeting we will have a presentation by Sharon Templin on exploring the Wonders of African Wildlife. 

         Sharon Templin, a Wildlife / Nature Photographer, currently lives in Tunkhannock, Pa. In March 2012, her first safari to South Africa  with the company Africa Through Your Lens, Sharon fell in love with Africa and the world of photography. Her work with well known wildlife photographer Jim Borden helped perfect her skills as she used professional Nikon equipment to maximize photo quality and find the most natural presentations.

        Sharon has been on safari many times  and has photographed wildlife in South Africa,  Zimbabwe, Botswana and most recently Tanzania. Her most recent trip to Tanzania was also an intense educational photography experience with two world renowned photographers, Todd Gustafson and Melissa Groo.   

She works closely with Joe Viljoen of Africa Through Your Lens Safaris  as they lead  small, intimate groups to various locations in Africa.  


You can checkout Sharon's work at below link 



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