Kayaking Photo Trip Experience

on Wednesday, 30 July 2014. Posted in All Articles, Member Articles

Jim Cook is sharing his Kayaking nightmare on a photo trip

Club member Jim Cook shares his Kayaking nightmare with lessons learnt. Share your photographic nightmares in comments below. 

       "I and fellow club member Joe Statuto and our wives were out on the river enjoying a beautiful summer day. The night before had seen a considerable rainfall occur north of us and as the day wore on the river began to rise and become much faster than when we first set out. Photo opportunities were in abundance and I soon spotted a pair of Herons. My first pass after spotting them resulted in a couple of pictures but wanted to get still closer.

I figured that by paddling my kayak in a wider arc back upriver I would be able to do just that.. I became so intent on the picture taking that I didn't realize the swiftness of the current directed me right into the tangled mess of a fallen tree. Kayak went out from under me and I was left hanging onto a branch. Fortunately my wife got the attention of a couple in a motor boat who came close enough to where I was stuck and helped me on board of their boat.
Joe and Raisa  managed to save my kayak. but nearly were swamped doing it. I was wearing a life vest though and if I let go of the branch it would have helped keep my head out of the water as I went with the current.. 
Not so lucky was my camera and gear which were completely soaked. It was the only time I have gone out on the river without using a dry bag. The application to insure my gear was safe at home on my desk and hadn't been mailed yet.. The disk wasn't damaged and I have a number of pictures from the misadventure.
Lessons I learned from that day is
1. Do not underestimate the power of water
2. Realize that weather has an impact beyond your physical location
3. Don't procrastinate and make sure your equipment is insured.