Club Bylaws

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1. Name

The name of this organization shall be NORTHEAST PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the Northeast Photography Club shall be to promote interest in and appreciation for the art of photography.

3. Membership/dues

Any person interested in photography, whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, may apply for membership to the Northeast Photography Club. Membership is subject to payment of its annual dues which are $25.00 for regular membership and $10.00 for full time student membership. Prorated dues for those joining in the months July to December are $12.00 for regular membership and $5.00 for student membership. Annual Dues shall be payable by January for the next twelve months. Dues payment must accompany new membership application. A member (regular or student) shall enjoy all the rights and privileges customarily pertaining to such members, including the right to hold Club Office, to vote at meetings, to compete in any regular Club competition, to submit photos for judging for Club’s juried exhibitions, and to receive the Club Newsletter. Membership can be revoked for “just cause” by a two-thirds vote at any regular meeting, dues to be refunded on a prorated basis.

4. The Board of Directors

The Northeast Photography Club will be governed by a Board of Directors which shall be comprised of the Club Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and the immediate past president. No Board meeting shall be conducted unless at least three Board members are present.

5. Officers

The officers of the Northeast Photography Club shall be

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Their duties and responsibilities shall be those usually pertaining to these offices including:


It is the duty and responsibility of the President to preside over all meetings. The President shall promote order and harmony at all meetings. The President shall be a signature to the financial account(s) established by the Club if the Treasurer is unable to do so. In as event that the Club’s Secretary is unable to record the minutes of the monthly meetings, it is the responsibility of the President to appoint a member to record the minutes.


It is the duty and responsibility of the Vice-President to preside over any organizational meeting that the Club President is unable to attend.


It is the duty and responsibility of the Secretary to record the minutes of each monthly meeting and to present those minutes in the proper fashion to the editor of the Newsletter for publication.


It is the duty and responsibility of the treasurer to keep proper and appropriate records of all financial transactions. The Club Treasurer will report to the organization at each monthly meeting, orally, the total balance in the financial account of the Northeast Photography Club and all assets and debits recorded in the previous month. The Treasurer will prepare a detailed written debit and credit balance sheet, and make it available to all members on a semiannual basis. Reports shall be presented in the months of June and December of each year. The Treasurer shall be a signature to the financial account(s) of the Northeast Photography Club.

6. Election of Officers

Officers will be elected and serve a one year term commencing with the January meeting. At the Club’s November meeting, the President shall call for nominations and seconds from the floor for each office. If a nominee is unopposed he stands elected. Election for opposed offices shall take place at the December meeting. All opposed offices shall be determined by a majority vote of members. The vote to be by secret ballot. The election to be overseen by a three member election committee named by the President and approved by the membership at the November meeting.

7. Vacancies

In the event that a Club Officer is unable to complete his/her term, a special election shall be held as soon as possible to fill the vacant seat for the remainder of the term.

8. Provisions to remove board member

The Club may choose to remove from office any board member for “just cause”. To remove an officer a procedure akin to the process to amend the BYLAWS must be followed.

9. Financial affairs

The financial year is from January 1 to December 31. Any expenditure in excess of $50.00 must be approved by the majority of the voting membership at a regular meeting.

10. Meetings

Regular Club meetings, unless directed otherwise by the Board, shall be held at the designated location at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month. Holidays, unavailability of a room, inclement weather, etc. may necessitate alternate dates, times or locations. Monthly meetings will generally consist of a business meeting, monthly competition and critique and special programs. Guests shall not be permitted to vote on any matter of business.

11. Standing Rules

The day-to-day operation of the Northeast Photography Club will be in accordance with its Standing Rules adopted by its membership.

12. Committees

The President shall have the authority to appoint special committees as deemed necessary. Committees may also become official by a majority vote at a regular meeting.

13. To amend the BYLAWS:

A motion to amend the BYLAWS of the Northeast Photography Club may be made by any member at a scheduled monthly meeting. It must be seconded with discussion to follow. The proposed amendment must be published in the minutes or the Newsletter. A vote by the secret ballot is to be taken at the following monthly meeting. A two-thirds majority vote of those voting on the proposed amendment shall be required for adoption. Those unable to be present for the vote may request and absentee ballot which must be returned to the Club Secretary by the time of the vote.